Designed with the stoner in mind

SN&R’s cannabis columnist reviews two ganja gadgets perfect for summer parties

The Primo Piece allows you to build your own bong out of a soda, water or beer bottle.

The Primo Piece allows you to build your own bong out of a soda, water or beer bottle.

Photos courtesy of Primo Piece

Nerds love gadgets. Weedheads, er, “cannabis enthusiasts” have fiddled with all sorts of pot smoking gewgaws and accessories for hundreds of years. From the roach clips and power hitters (ask your hippie granddad) of the ’70s to the dab rigs and state-of-the-art, diamond-cut, interchangeable blade weed grinders of today, most stoners have at least a few devices designed to enhance the cannabis experience. This review will take a look at two new entries in the cannabis accessory scene.

First up is Sneakies. A new company out of Florida, it makes “connoisseur grade” stash boxes. Did you know that in most recreational cannabis states—including California—users are required to transport their cannabis in locked or child-proof bags? Those weird, damn near impossible to open, zombie Ziploc bags from the dispensary are not great. Sneakies offers a more stylish way.

“We thought that for the new consumption in the recreational states, this is a great method of transport,” one of the owners said in an Instagram message. (We are not naming them because federal drug paraphernalia laws are hinky.)

The boxes are odor-resistant, portable (about the size of a large lunch box) and embedded with a programmable combination lock. Pro tip: “420” is probably not the most secure password. Inside each well-padded box: A little tray for rolling, a really nice grinder and four large glass jars.

The great thing about these jars (besides the fact that you can easily put a half-ounce in each one) is that they have a space for you to write the name of the strain. A dry erase pen is included, so you don’t have to run to the store before you start getting your weed drawer in order.

Right now, Sneakies offers two styles: “The Sport” and “The Executive.” The Sport is made with nylon mesh and comes with a shoulder strap. It’s fairly rugged, and great for weed festivals and harvest parties. The Executive is more of a smallish hi-tech briefcase and looks great on the coffee table, or maybe handcuffed to your wrist if you are gonna take some weed to a fancy pants dinner. Priced at about $100, the Sneakies stash box is excellent for the person who always has a few different strains laying around. By the way, dabbers and fans of the concentrate needn’t feel neglected. Sneakies has plans to introduce a stash box aimed at the fashionable hash head.

Up next is the Primo Piece, a not-quite-a-novelty item from two dudes in the Northwest. The Primo consists of two pieces: The first is a long metal straw and the second is a sort of rubber, plastic and stainless steel doohickey. This is how it works: Find a bottle—soda bottle, beer bottle, water bottle, whatever. Put some water in the bottle, stick the straw into the doohickey, put it on the bottle and you now have a working bong. And a pretty nice bong it is, delivering a big, smooth hit, although the carburetor device is a little tricky to use.

The Primo is easy to clean. The company says that the piece is machine washable, but I worry that my dishwasher will end up smelling like bongwater, so I haven’t tested its claim. It also comes in a really nice box, so if you’re into making unboxing videos about weed, you should talk one of your friends into buying one for you.

The Primo is also great for parties. I haven’t dropped it (yet), but it seems to be sturdy enough to survive a mini-rager. Priced at $65, the Primo is way cheaper than a traditional bong, and probably won’t break when one of your stoner friends drops it in your driveway. It’s a fun item to have around, and I look forward to seeing what improvements and innovations the Primo team has in store.