Rated 2.0

When I told people I was reviewing Delgo, a common response was, “You’re reviewing Dildo?” So that’s one problem with this animated children’s fantasy: Its title kind of sounds like a sex toy. Unfortunately, that’s probably the least of its problems, given the inane script (by six writers!); the Saturday-morning-cartoon animation; the choppy, uninteresting story (about the uneasy truce between amphibious-looking, stone-levitating creatures called Locknis and their oppressors, the snooty, flying troll doll Nohrins; also: dragons); and the fact that Chris Kattan is the comic relief. There are a handful of striking shots of epic battles and strange, flying beasts, and in its defense, Delgo is no stupider than any of the Star Wars prequels. On the other hand, it’s no less stupid.