Death Race

Rated 2.0

In the near future, America’s prisons are run by ruthless corporations who reap their profits by pitting the inmates against each other in deadly auto races, live-streamed on the Internet; the current race pits a new prisoner (Jason Statham) against both a rival driver (Tyrese Gibson) and the prison’s ice-queen warden (Joan Allen). Loosely based on producer Roger Corman’s 1975 schlock black comedy Death Race 2000, director Paul W.S. Anderson’s script has a few unexpected turns to recommend it. Mostly, though, it’s just high-speed, mega-firepower action, sledgehammered across the screen with enough turbo-charged adrenaline to satisfy the most demanding blood lust of the No Fear T-shirt crowd. It all becomes redundant, and few characters are developed enough to make us care whether they live or die.