Rated 1.0 This baffling, unintentionally sidesplitting horror show has opened just in time to qualify as the worst film of the year. Forty years ago, a countryside home in Spain was the site of a botched cult sacrifice of seven children during a rare eclipse that would spread evil throughout the world. One boy escaped, and the other unfortunate six kids (and a mysterious force) now apparently haunt the place. An American family moves into the home just days before the eclipse is about to reoccur and discovers that the flickering electricity is the least of the family’s problems. The father begins hearing larvae talk about his family in the walls and cuts himself while maniacally dicing vegetables. The mother is in denial that her young son is gradually becoming covered with bruises. Only the daughter maintains enough sanity to slowly unravel the mysteries at hand. The cast includes Anna Paquin (The Piano) and Lena Olin (Chocolat and Enemies: A Love Story). Directed by Jaume Balagueró.