Rated 2.0 Daredevil the movie is certainly no match for the reigning comic-book-to-cinema champ Spiderman. In Daredevil, the young son of a prizefighter is blinded by a splash of hazardous waste. He awakens in the hospital—in the film’s best-realized and most horrific scene—to discover that his other four senses have become super-enhanced. His dad (David Keith) fails to throw a fight and is killed by mobsters. The traumatized lad then grows up to look exactly like Ben Affleck and becomes a blind prosecuting attorney by day and a vigilante clad in a tight, leather suit by night. The film is impressively dark and gritty, but the melodrama and Daredevil’s relationship with woman warrior Elektra (Alias’ Jennifer Garner) are labored, and our superhero’s powers (he can see the world via sound waves) seem arbitrarily applied in some scenes and questionably ignored in others. The film was directed by Mark Steven Johnson (Simon Burch).