CSUS resistance

Many California State University professors are getting fed up with their stalled salaries, their increasing class sizes and the fact that student fees keep rising. Don’t even mention the fact that top level administrators just got another raise. The faculty are so fed up, according to Alice Sunshine, communications director for the California Faculty Association, that they’re considering a “job action"—possibly a two-day strike this spring—if the administrators and union representatives can’t agree on a new contract (see “Class Struggle"; SN&R News; November 16, 2006).

While negotiations continue through the “fact finding” phase, a locally produced Web site is offering a humorous, often critical look at the state’s struggles with higher education. The site (www.csusresistance.org) features a collection of CSUS faculty journalism, workers’ rights rhetoric and even information on how university president Alexander Gonzalez manages to make $340,825 a year (if you count his $60,000 annual housing allowance).