Rated 3.0

After a bored lesbian housewife named Abby (Robin Weigert) suffers a head injury caused by one of her children, a deep-seated dissatisfaction is awakened. At first, she turns to outside work, remodeling a Manhattan apartment in order to alleviate her suburban ennui, and finally finds passion and fulfillment working as a high-class call girl for female clients. The illicit eroticism and housewife-to-prostitute story arc of Concussion would not be out of place on Cinemax at 2:35 in the morning, but writer-director Stacie Passon clearly values quiet introspection over crass titillation. Abby's dalliance in prostitution becomes a dangerous obsession, which Passon positions as an extension of a middle-aged obsession with exercise and body image. Concussion is a promising work from a filmmaker to watch, but Passon still needs to figure out how to make a film about sterility and dispassion that isn't sterile and dispassionate.