Collect them all

Tara Jepsen, splendor in the grass.

Tara Jepsen, splendor in the grass.

It seems that Frank Andrick, co-host of Poetry Unplugged at Luna’s Café, is on a mission to bring as many spitting sisters to Sacramento as possible. Though Sister Spit, the San Francisco-based women’s spoken-word collective, has disbanded, its veterans continue to produce some of the most interesting work coming out of the Bay Area today.

In 2003, Andrick managed to convince both Sister Spit co-founder Michelle Tea and Sister Spit alumnus Beth Lisick to perform shows at Luna’s Café (where they were met by standing-room-only crowds). This month, he continues the San Francisco cultural exchange with one-time Sister Spitters Tara Jepsen and Rocco Kayiatos.

Jepsen is a poet, a filmmaker and the star of the original one-woman show Turtle Heart. She is also the co-host of K’vetch, San Francisco’s longest-running queer open-mic night, which won the San Francisco Bay Guardian’s 2003 readers’-poll award for Best Spoken Word Night. Doubtless, Jepsen will bring some of her open-mic juju across the bay to her Sacramento reading (which will be preceded and followed by the Poetry Unlpugged open-mic). Jepsen’s feature at Luna’s begins at 8 p.m. on Thursday.

Transgender, “homo-hop” slam poet Kayiatos will take Luna’s stage the following Thursday, January 29, at 8 p.m. Kayiatos, who was featured in the PBS slam documentary Poetic License, leads free spoken-word/hip-hop workshops for queer youth in San Francisco.

Admission to both readings is free, but seating is limited. The wise will arrive early at Luna’s Café, located at 1414 16th Street. Call (916) 441-3931 for information.