Club Dread

Rated 1.0 At a Caribbean-island resort, somebody is killing off the staff members one by one, and the management has to track down the murderer without panicking the guests. The Broken Lizard troupe follows up its first film, Super Trooper, with this lifeless spoof of slasher movies. The film has two major problems. For one thing, there’s no mileage in a sendup like this; the Scream and Scary Movie pictures have exhausted the genre. But even more than that, these Broken Lizard guys simply aren’t funny. They seem like a nice bunch to knock back a beer with, but their ideas are stale (rehashing Police Academy for their last movie and Scream for this one), their jokes are awful, and they have no comic timing whatsoever. Other cast members include Jordan Ladd, Brittany Daniel and Bill Paxton.