Chuck Quackenfuzz?

The fact that Chuck Quackenbush, the state’s disgraced former insurance commissioner, has turned up in Florida as a sheriff’s deputy comes as no surprise to former SN&R investigative reporter Nick Budnick.

Quackenbush resigned in 2000, in no small part due to Budnick’s dogged investigation of the then up-and-coming pol’s creative-financing methods. Budnick since has transported his investigative talents to Portland, Ore., but he continues to keep up with things Sacramento. He recalls Quakenbush—Quackenfuzz?—always had a taste for blue.

“Remember how he used to fancy himself a cop, unlawfully outfitting his state car with trooper-style lights and having custom faux-badges made up for himself and the top brass?” Budnick noted via e-mail. “Just remind me not to speed in Florida.”