Chill out, amp up

Five iced coffee drinks to jolt your summer

Milka Coffee Roaster’s Sparkling Milka.

Milka Coffee Roaster’s Sparkling Milka.

Photo by Ashley Hayes-Stone

Summer is here, which means that as the temperature gets hotter, the drinks get colder—especially our favorite coffee options. Here’s an array of chill drinks from local coffee shops, including caffeinated classics and bold espresso adventures. Ditch the lines at the corporate chains and see what Sactown coffee shops have to offer.

Rock star-worthy

Naked Lounge Coffee’s Keith Richards: Want to party like a rock star? Naked Lounge Coffee pays tribute to the Rolling Stones guitarist with a drink as out there as he is. The caffeinated concoction entails a can of Shasta cola poured over ice complete with two shots of espresso. Drink at your own risk. 1111 H St.,

Drink an adventure

Milka Coffee Roaster’s Sparkling Milka: The new coffee shop on the block, Milka Coffee Roasters puts a spin on the espresso tonic with its own signature drink, the Sparkling Milka. It includes two shots of their espresso using beans roasted in-house, maple syrup, sparkling water and sweetened condensed milk that gives the drink body. 1501 G St.,

For the sweet tooth

Espresso Metro’s Glacier: Espresso Metro has been a Sacramento coffee staple for more than 30 years. Its signature drink, the Glacier, is a summer fave among locals and puts a certain coffee chain’s signature sugary iced drink to shame. This sugar bomb comes in three flavors—mocha, vanilla and caramel—each blended with ice and coffee and topped with fluffy whipped cream. 2104 11th Ave.

Stick with a classic

Old Soul at The Weatherstone’s Iced Mocha: This Midtown mainstay has perfected the classic iced mocha by adding cocoa powder from local chocolatier Ginger Elizabeth fused with your choice of milk. Whatever your dietary restrictions, anyone can enjoy a take on this popular drink. 812 21st St.,

Beat the heat

The Trade Coffee & Coworking’s New Orleans Style Cold Brew: Trying to survive those scorching summer days? The Trade has you covered with its New Orleans Style Cold Brew. This 14-hour steeped drink is blended with roasted chicory root, lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar and served with your milk of your choice. 2220 K St.,