Cheers 2007

Everyday Nightlife

Much like Thanksgiving is the biggest shopping day of the year, St. Patrick’s Day could be considered the biggest partying day of the year. It should be no surprise then that our annual celebration of nightlife—Cheers!—is distributed as close to this liquid-lovers’ holiday as possible. But rather than focus our special nightlife supplement on just one day, we want to give you enough information to last throughout the year—or at least until Cinco de Mayo.

Sure, you’ll find our annual Tour O’ Pubs map insert and plenty of green ink. But you’ll also find some ideas for enjoying another 364 days of revelry. If your moods change as often as Paris Hilton’s bedmates, you’ll love our story on Sacramento watering holes to suit your varying moods. If you crave a little friendly competition to accompany your martini, check out our ideas for bars where you can play along. You’ll also meet one Sacramento bar maven and find out where some practiced drinkers go to refuel after the bars close down.

Whether you venture out after dark every night or just on special occasions, the News & Review can point you to the best places in Sacramento in which to lift your glass and say “Cheers!”

Project Manager: Veronica Bartell
Writer: Alexis Raymond & Julie Foster
Copy Editor: Angela Hansen
Designer: Marianne Mancina
Photos: Jeremy Sykes