Cannabis crisis

Sharon Sharpnack is a Citrus Heights business owner

Dear Attorney General Bill Lockyer: I appreciate your input into the U.S. Supreme Court regarding the Oakland Cannabis Buyers Club case, but what about the thousands of other medical cannabis cases now being fought in California at the state and federal levels? What you did is necessary, but a mere spit in the ocean for what needs to be done.

If you had done your job properly in the first place, thousands of patients would not currently be facing court cases. Proposition 215 reads that you, as attorney general of the state of California, were supposed to set up and implement guidelines for the cannabis patients and their caregivers. Even now, four years later, you have not taken the initiative to do that very thing. Because of this, Proposition 215 has become a situation of entrapment. Your California taxpaying, voting citizens are being entrapped and put into prisons because nobody on any level knows what procedure to follow when growing, prescribing or taking cannabis. There are not even rules or guidelines for jurors to go by. The results of this are that patients and caregivers have become criminals and medical co-ops have turned into conspiracies.

Mr. Lockyer, you need to make the playing field equal for counties in California. Why is it legal to have cannabis clubs in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Marin, Santa Cruz and Orange counties, but it is life in prison and a $4 million dollar fine if you try to do the same thing in El Dorado County? Just where do you politicians expect cannabis patients to get their medication? Where do you think this cannabis, which must be grown for seven months, comes from? How do you think there could ever be enough of this medicine to help hundreds of thousands of patients? There is NO SAFE ACCESS to cannabis. Patients are screaming out for HELP! Please implement equal guidelines for law-enforcement officials across California, and please stop arresting California patients and caregivers and putting them in prison.

I hope you do the right thing and start representing your voting California citizens; after all, Proposition 215 did pass by a majority. You politicians and law enforcement officers have thumbed your collective noses at patients and the California voters. Being a medical cannabis patient is dangerous business. We voted in a law, but still go to prison if we use it!