Caitlyn Jenner’s uneasy journey

Ultimately, it wasn’t the homophobic, misogynistic or other bigoted comments about Caitlyn Jenner that surprised me. Rather, it was those that dismissed her transition with the notion she’s had it easier than others thanks to wealth and privilege.

The celebrity formerly known as Bruce Jenner, for those who somehow missed Vanity Fair magazine's media blitz, debuted her transition via a cover-story spread accompanied by photographs from Annie Leibovitz.

Even as many praised Jenner's move, others delivered all-too-predictably with tasteless mockery, ignorance and hateful remarks.

There were those, too, who viewed the whole thing as yet another Keeping up with the Kardashians-approved publicity stunt.

Because obviously gender reassignment is a really easy way to guarantee blockbuster TV ratings.

And then there were those who met the news with a disdainful shrug. Caitlyn Jenner wasn't “brave,” they said, because unlike other transgender folks, she has abundant money, publicists and stylists.

Sure, Jenner's transition has been “easy” if you quantify it only by money and resources. Public scrutiny and reaction, on the other hand, have been unrelentingly brutal and intense. Not to mention whatever internal struggles she's faced.

You know what's really easy? Thoughtlessly judging another person's choice, even when it levies zero impact on your own life.

Say what you will about the fame-hungry Kardashians but Caitlyn Jenner's public revelation is a milestone moment.

Jenner's journey and her willingness to share this story will hopefully invite wider tolerance and important conversations that could, in turn, eventually lead to better resources, access and acceptance for others.

That's no easy feat.