Cactus eats

Illustration By Mark Stivers

No need to move to Albuquerque or Santa Fe for good Southwestern eats; just head over to East Sac. And yes, everyone praises the breakfasts at Nopalitos to high heaven, but for good reason: those huge buttermilk flapjacks, those taters, those fluffy omelets with speckles of nopales. Nopalitos is the only Southwestern AM eats in town, too, but they’re closed on weekends, which almost makes you feel like you’d be better off not eating anything at all than have to settle for something less on Saturday or Sunday. Anyway, breakfast—wow!—but don’t forget lunch: a burrito filled with jicama, whole beans, rice, squash or carnitas, both smothered in tangy ranchero sauce. Tamale in a bowl! Three tostadas, one with tinga chicken, or chicken cooked in a chipotle chili sauce. OK, gotta go grub: 5530 H Street, (916) 452-8226,