Cabin Fever

Rated 1.0 Five irritating college kids (including Boy Meets World’s Rider Strong) celebrate graduation by partying at a secluded mountain cabin just as a flesh-eating virus begins ravaging the local fauna and populace. The coeds’ car is incapacitated during a fight with a diseased mountain man who drops by their cabin seeking medical aid. They then quarantine one of their own, when she shows signs of infection, and struggle to escape before they, too, begin oozing and spitting up blood. This crude, black-humored trip down horror memory lane is a sort of The Evil Dead and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets 28 Days Later. Writer-director Eli Roth’s calling card to Hollywood (the film is getting a good buzz on the film-festival circuit) wants to integrate the horror and hillbilly slasher genres with David Lynch bizarreness, but he mostly fails and has nothing new to say about epidemics, paranoia or grunge-level filmmaking.