Cabaret redux

Change is afoot at the Cosmopolitan Cabaret, with Forever Plaid riding off into the sunset in early September. It’s to be replaced by Late Nite Catechism—’Til Death Do Us Part, an entry in a funny nun franchise by Vicki Quade and Maripat Donovan. It’s a sort of Nunsense meets stand-up comedy hybrid in which “Sister,” a very close resemblance to the Catholic schoolteacher, does a little remedial education with the audience. It’s not edgy or raunchy, but it’s very funny, especially some of the religious humor. It also offers plenty of opportunity for localizing and freshening jokes, and that makes it more likely to get returning guests. A venue as charming and well-placed as the Cosmo needs to have the kind of shows that lure repeat visits and keep people downtown after dark. While it’s certainly not a true cabaret act, Late Nite Cathechism is a step in the right direction.