Bystander caught in the crossfire of south Sacramento shooting

Victim expected to survive, along with three others shot at Del Paso Heights Park on Sunday

An innocent bystander was caught in the crossfire of two groups shooting at each other Monday afternoon in South Sacramento.

According to an incident summary from the Sacramento Police Department, the preliminary investigation suggests that two distinct groups of people engaged in a firefight on the 6400 block of Stockton Boulevard, along a strip of Asian businesses near the Little Saigon neighborhood. The suspects then fled in separate vehicles. A motive has not been established.

A friend was transporting the victim to a hospital when sheriff’s deputies stopped them a half-mile north of the scene of the crime, police say. Fire department personnel took the victim the rest of the way. The victim is expected to survive. Police say the injured bystander appears to be an unintended victim not connected to either group.

The shooting was one of four police have responded to since Friday. An unsolved shooting Sunday afternoon at the Del Paso Heights Park injured an adult and two minors, all of whom are expected to survive.