By the numbers

How far can you get on $80 million?

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Amount Estimated costs for legislative cars—1960 to 2008 $34.0 million 1,900 new cars ($18,000 average cost per vehicle) $17.5 million Lease costs on 1,900 legislative vehicles $8.9 million Fuel costs for legislative vehicles $4.8 million Maintenance and repair costs for legislative vehicles $1.2 million Liability insurance costs for legislative vehicles $6.7 million 420 total cars for Southern California Assembly members for Sacramento use $1.5 million Maintenance, insurance and fuel costs for Sacramento-based vehicles $2.4 million Wages and benefits for two staff to oversee programs $500,000 Cars for Assembly/Senate leaders (24 cars at $17,000 each) $2.4 million Wages and benefits to employees to chauffer leaders $79.9 million Total costs to taxpayers

The above chart was compiled by David Palmer. Because it is based on incomplete information, the numbers should be considered rough estimates.