Buns in the oven

Here are a couple of newsy items for baked good lovers. First is a new-ish Natomas location of Starbread Bakery that somehow eluded Food Stuff for an entire year. At least we've found it now (at 2101 Natomas Crossing Drive, Suite 150), and it's closer to SN&R's office than the one on Mack Road in South Sacramento that I wrote about way back in 2012. For those who don't remember reading that (see “Miss Bread,” SN&R Foodstuff, April 5, 2012) here's a refresher: The bakery's specialty item is señorita bread, a sweet, buttery, fluffy baked Filipino pastry that's absolutely addicting. The second piece of bakery news is that SusieCakes (www.susiecakes.com), a bakery chain from Southern California, is having a grand opening celebration at 564 Pavilions Lane in Sacramento on Saturday, January 24, at 1 p.m. I don't know anything about the quality of SusieCakes, but it's a pretty bold move to open right across the street from the popular Ettore's European Bakery and Restaurant.