Brittany Shane

Decked Out

Decked Out, Brittany Shane’s third CD, is a big leap from her acoustic days. Rarely has a folkie made such a smooth and unpretentious transition to rock as Shane has. A veteran of the Bay Area coffeehouse/bar circuit, Shane has a new electric style and backing band that fit her like the size 2 dresses she wears. Her lyrics are so personal that you feel like you are listening to a phone conversation or reading her diary. And crystal clean and tasteful guitarist Bob Spector leads Shane’s crack backup band like a cavalry charge. Such songs as “Come Around,” “This Movie” and “Fruits On Your Vintage” may sound familiar, but that’s just Shane’s talent shining. Like a rose that took a long time to flower, Brittany Shane has blossomed. Decked Out is easy to listen to and hard to hate.