Breakfast at Lalo’s

Illustration by Mark Stivers

The never-ending quest for killer desayuno quite possibly begins and ends at Lalo’s (5064 24th Street), a very authentic Mexican restaurant on the south side of town where the eats, presentation thereof and prices are all nothing short of remarkable. Case in point, the chilaquiles ($5.50): corn tortilla strips, warm and crispy although bathing in a piquant, spicy green salsa, served with queso fresco, crema, and sides of cilantro salsa and hot sauce. And don’t forget the small-bowl side of flavorful whole beans, soaking in their own juices, with chunks of green chili, onion and sautéed bacon. Oh, and the housemade rice with steamed vegetables. And corn tortillas. And why not a bowl of barbacoa consommé ($2): rich, hearty broth with remnants of lamb fat and tender chickpeas. Breakfast of champions, by champions, de hecho.