Bounty Hunter

Rated 2.0

A bounty hunter (Gerard Butler) is delighted to bust his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) for jumping bail, but they both land in the soup when it turns out somebody’s trying to kill her. Writer Sarah Thorp’s battle-of-the-exes premise is too tired to stand on its own, and her script is an unruly scramble of subplots involving Christine Baranski, Cathy Moriarty, Carol Kane, etc. Director Andy Tennant hardly bothers to untangle the mess. Butler deploys his stray-mutt roistering as best he can, and Aniston’s comic gifts haven’t deserted her, but her judgment may have. What was she thinking? Surely her Friends residuals haven’t dried up to the point where she has to take on scripts like this. Did she really look at the dreary parade of movies like Sweet Home Alabama and Fool’s Gold and think, “That’s for me”?