Born to Be Wild

Rated 4.0

The IMAX 3-D camera follows two women who have devoted their long lives to rescuing and nurturing orphaned animals and preparing them to return to the wild: Dame Daphne Sheldrick in Kenya, who has raised more than 200 baby elephants after their mothers died (usually slaughtered by poachers); and primatologist Biruté Galdikas, who went to Borneo to study orangutans in the 1970s and has stayed there to raise infants of the species victimized by encroachments on their habitat. Producer Drew Fellman’s script (narrated by Morgan Freeman) is unusually deft for a 40-minute documentary, moving smoothly from Kenya to Borneo and back while detailing for us the processes the two women follow to prepare their charges for independence. Director David Lickley makes effective use of David Douglas’ 3-D photography.