Boozy brain freeze

illustration by Mark Stivers

Not all alcoholic beverages complement Sacramento’s at-times blistering summer weather. Sometimes, you need something more refreshing than a beer, and sometimes you want something more adventurous than a lemonade. SN&R searched the City of Trees for the tastiest frozen adult sippers to combat the unforgivable heatwave that approaches. The only requirement: The colder the better.

Subtly sweet slushie

Jungle Bird’s Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri ($8): A slushie that’s also strawberry daiquiri. Reminiscent of a 7-Eleven strawberry Slurpee or a liquid strawberry freezie pop, the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri hides its pungent Don Q Gold Rum underneath the sweet veneer of strawberry syrup and sour lime juice. The result is a smooth, deceptively sweet drink topped with a lime slice that’s perfectly refreshing for the warmer months. Be warned: It tastes so much like a freezie pop, and the rum is so subtle, that it’s easy to have more than one. 2516 J Street,, (916) 476-3280.

Champagne dreams

While Sail Inn Grotto & Bar’s Fro-mosa ($11) may be traditional and predictable, the crushed ice gives it an adventurous quality ideal for summer. Sour in the jawbone and tingly on the tongue, the Fro-mosa is an excellent substitute to the old-fashioned brunch mimosa. There’s nothing too crazy or wild about the drink, as it’s just frozen orange juice served in a tall glass of champagne, but it’s a balance of both sweet and sour. 1522 Jefferson Boulevard,, (916) 272-2733.

Beers and Popsicles

Tank House BBQ & Bar’s Frozen Shandy ($5) proves beer and Popsicles can really go together. An aromatic lemon and elderflower Popsicle drowning in Hamm’s served in a chilled glass, the Frozen Shandy is smooth, light and refreshing. It has the flavor profile of an adult lemonade, and the lemon slice it’s garnished with adds an ample amount of acidity and tartness to counteract the floral, earthy notes. The best part: The beer-drenched Popsicle is both sour like a lemon and malty like a lager. The Frozen Shandy is exactly the kind of drink to indulge in under the burning Sacramento sun. 1925 J Street,, (916) 431-7199.

Bourbon with that ’shake

Milkshakes are common during the summer, so who wouldn’t love an adult version? Ten Ten Room’s Bourbon Vanilla Milkshake ($10) nicely fits the bill. A slender glass is filled with house bourbon, vanilla and soy milk. This milkshake is also a great companion to a burger and fries. It’s frothy and creamy, and while the bourbon punches first (and hard), the vanilla and soy give the drink a sweet finish. It’s similar to an ice cream float, silky like milk and creamy like ice cream, and dusted with cinnamon to give you anticipation for the inevitable fall. 1010 10th Street,, (916) 272-2888.