Rated 3.0

A dog who plays a canine superhero on TV (voice by John Travolta) thinks he’s the real thing—which means that not only does he get a big surprise when he finds himself stranded 3,000 miles from his studio, but he doesn’t even know much about being a regular dog. Written by Dan Fogelman and Chris Williams and directed by Williams and Byron Howard, this animated 3-D feature from Disney is a lot like last year’s Meet the Robinsons: well-made, pleasant, diverting, unobjectionable—and absolutely nothing special, all but forgotten, even as you drop your polarized glasses into the recycle bin at the door. Miley Cyrus voices Bolt’s human companion (and Cyrus and Travolta sing a couple of songs on the soundtrack), while Susie Essman and Mark Walton play (respectively) a cat and hamster Bolt meets on the road.