Blood and Chocolate

Rated 2.0

An American werewolf living among her ancestral pack in Bucharest (Agnes Bruckner, who deserves better material) falls in love with an ordinary human (Hugh Dancy), rousing the suspicions of the pack’s leader (Olivier Martinez). Director Katja von Garnier and writers Ehren Kruger and Christopher Landon transplant the action of Annette Curtis Klause’s novel from suburban Maryland to Romania—supposedly for the Old World atmosphere, but more probably for the Eastern European labor costs. It’s pretty much your standard teenage-Romanian-werewolf movie, with a sullen subtext of nobody-understands-me mixed with an adolescent moony romanticism (pun intended). Von Garnier gives it a stylish gloss but the drama grows sketchy in the last act, culminating in a silver-bullet shoot-’em-up in an absinthe bar.