Blister in the sun

Let’s face it: Sacramento summers are not for the faint of heart. Heck, we’ve yet to officially hit the seasonal mark, but have already endured 100-degree-plus days.

Some revel in the blistering sun. Others, like me, spend these days shuttling from one air-conditioned oasis to another, waiting it out until the region's famed Delta breeze whips up, cooling off the air and bringing relief to heat-prickled skin and irrititated moods.

Frankly, I hate it and spend the months griping, marking off calendar days until fall (which never, ever arrives on time).

OK, that's not quite true. Well, not 100 percent true. As much as I proclaim (loudly) to hate summer, fact is I've grown to like it here. For one, the heat is—no matter how high the mercury reaches—somewhat kind of bearable. Relatively bearable compared to other locales including my native Texas, where the humidity drenches you in a sweat bath before 10 a.m.

And then there those long, long days. Sunlight stretching for upwards of 15 hours. That's a lot of daylight. So many hours to fill. So many adventures to be had.

Enter SN&R's annual Summer Guide issue, the hot-weather months' go-to handbook for all things seasonal. The annual bible for all the reasons I don't really hate summer: Day trips and river dips, music festivals, cinema marathons, and role-playing games. Icy-cold drinks, frosty desserts and fresh seasonal veggies. Bare legs, outdoor art and shady patios.

If nighttime's more the right time, we've got that, too, with after-hours noshing, sexy dance moves and clandestine selfies.

See, maybe those triple-digit days really aren't so bad after all. Just apply sunscreen, pop open a cold one and enjoy.