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Weed delivery services

Hungry for cannabis-infused sweets? Relax at home and let Ohana Gardens deliver directly to your door.

Hungry for cannabis-infused sweets? Relax at home and let Ohana Gardens deliver directly to your door.

Photo by Lucas Fitzgerald

After years of gritting my teeth through awkward, Pineapple Express-style transactions in the dirty apartments of pot dealers, the world of medical cannabis dispensaries felt like heaven. Imagine if all pizza was illegal, and the only way to get pizza was to go to a weird guy's house, and you had no idea where the pizza came from, but you really, really liked eating pizza and watching reruns of The Simpsons, and then overnight there was a pizza joint on every corner. Today, legal weed can be delivered to your door just like pizza by one of the dozens of delivery services currently operating in the Sacramento area. But just as no two dispensaries are precisely the same, there is some variance among the local home delivery services. Whether you prioritize a speedy delivery, low prices or a lot of menu options, these three services will bring the hookup directly to your door.

Fastest delivery times

Crystal nugs

If you’re in the need for speed, consider Crystal Nugs, billed as “the first minority and women-owned licensed cannabis home delivery service” on their website. With a delivery area that stretches from El Dorado Hills to Woodland, Crystal Nugs covers almost the entire region, and they also offer a 10 percent discount on every order to veterans and seniors.

Lowest minimum purchase

dank dash

Note that every delivery service has a different minimum purchase amount, with most of them landing somewhere between $40 and $60, but the lowest we could find was $30 at Dank Dash (formerly EZ Tree). Dank Dash doesn’t have the largest menu, but they always carry a good blend of indica, sativa and hybrid strains, as well as a mix of high- and low-end price points, not to mention edibles, pre-rolls, vape cartridges, waxes, shatters and other concentrates.

Most expansive menus

silverstreak solutions & Ohana gardens

People who like a lot of menu options should check out Silverstreak Solutions, a delivery service that started in 2016 with one strain and one cookie but now has well over 100 separate products for sale. Most impressive is their wide selection of edibles, including cannabis-infused cereals, brownies, cookies, candies and even fruit punch mix. Another impressive menu comes from Ohana Gardens, which boasts a list of edibles that includes marijuana-infused cookies, candies, bonbons and beverages. and