Best of Sacramento 2017

Illustratiion by Andy Garcia

Another year, another SN&R Best of Sacramento issue. And a lot has happened in that year. Sacramento continues to grow, sometimes painfully so. New businesses, new housing, rising rents and mortgages. As the Bay Area becomes increasingly unaffordable, the 916 continues to reap the rewards and, yes, downsides, of its growing status as a metropolitan hub.

Which is why it’s important to remember that the more things change the more they, well, stay kind of the same.

That’s why this year’s edition celebrates Sacramento’s old-school spirit. Oh, it’s not without a spotlight on newfangled restaurants, shops and trends, but at its heart it’s something of a love letter to the sleepy tree-lined town that’s long lived beneath the national radar.

Read on to discover—or rediscover, as it may be—Sacramento treasures such as Marie’s Donuts, Old Ironsides, Bud’s Buffet and Aviator’s Restaurant, the best dive-y breakfast joint an airport has to offer.

We’ve got crusty punk venues, beloved mascots, packed bookstores and the best damn VHS selection that you didn’t even know you needed.

Of course there are shoutouts to the city’s latest gems, too—check out the city’s newest coffee roasters, a hip, gender-neutral boutique and a nature trail named after a country legend, just for starters.

Whether you’ve recently moved to the area or a longtime resident, read on and enjoy this celebration of all things Sacramento, old and new.