Best Bizzaro Dirty, If Done Right

The Experience Motel

Photo by Larry Dalton

Embarking on the cement-stifled stretch of cheap motels, liquor stores and greasy-spoon restaurants along West Capitol Avenue, a lilac-painted, two-story motel instantly caught my eye.

The appropriately titled motel, The Experience, is one of the few adult motels in the Sacramento area. “In-Room Spas” and “Adult Movies” were phrases advertised on their sign. Intriguing.

Manager Donna Hsieh showed me around this 40-year-old, lust-inspired dwelling—what she considered to be “high-class” establishment. Other’s may think differently, considering that to some it might resemble a sleazy motel which could be found in a shady ’hood in Las Vegas.

Well, what is trash to some is a treasure to others. Regardless of preference, this place is a trashy treasure—a place to unleash your inner porn star and quench your Ron Jeremy-inspired thirst.

I met with Hsieh in the lobby, which had a vending machine that sold Tylenol and condoms. She proceeded to show me over 10 of the 40 rooms—most of which looked like a set for a 1970s porn flick.

Each room was covered with mirrors—including the ceiling—providing guests with a panoramic view of numerous positions from every angle. Many of the rooms were shag-carpeted in vivid colors: violet, gold and blood red.

But not all of the bonuses cost extra. X-rated movies are piped into every room for free. And I heard they’re “hardcore” and “really good.” At least that’s what a middle-aged businessman in a Mercedes told me in the parking lot, while mistaking me for a prostitute. Offended at first, I then realized that a young woman in the parking lot of an adult motel probably lead him to put two and two together.

Nonetheless, I took his amorous intentions as my cue to leave. But I left knowing that if I ever needed to find a place for a night of grand passion, this is the place.

The combination of the waterbeds, the lavishly decorated rooms, the free porn and the reasonable 4-hour rate make The Experience the best place in Sac for sleazy sex. So for a good time, call 371-9696 for reservations.

824 West Capitol Ave., Sacramento.