Battlefield Earth

Rated 1.0 A thousand years in the future, a band of brutalized humans revolt against their alien masters (John Travolta and Forest Whitaker in ridiculous Halloween costumes). Producer Travolta, writer Corey Mandell and director Roger Christian distill L. Ron Hubbard’s 1,000-page novel into 117 minutes of incomprehensible nonsense, set in a murky darkness that borders on pitch black and accompanied by an ear-splitting soundtrack that would deafen a punk rocker. This inept, misbegotten monstrosity is already legendary as one of the worst films ever made, the kind of fiasco that has killed Travolta’s career from time to time, and this is his worst movie yet. There’s no way to describe it without making it sound worth seeing—if only to see how bad it is—but it isn’t worth sitting through even for that.