Awesome; I … Shot That!


The Beastie Boys have been inverting musical genres for more than two decades, so it’s no surprise that they have a different take on the concert film as well. Awesome; I Fuckin’ Shot That! is a live show shot at Madison Square Garden in 2004 by 80 fans with DV cameras and spliced together by Beastie Adam Yauch. For a while, the audience-eye-view gimmick helps capture the live concert experience like no other film before—the crap-lousy second-tier seats, the rush to the bathroom when new-album material is played and the furtive scan through the crowd for cute girls—but Yauch distracts by piling on the Yo! MTV Raps-esque camera effects in the second half. Fans of the band will love it, but even non-fans should appreciate the audacity of the experiment and the enthusiasm of the performance.