Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Rated 2.0 Mike Myers is back as the snaggle-toothed spy in the crushed-velvet suit—and also, of course, as his nemesis Dr. Evil. Like the original 1997 hit, the film reconstructs a 1960s that never was in order to snare two audiences: baby boomers who wish they still made movies like Our Man Flint and What’s New Pussycat?, and twentysomethings who wish they’d been around back then. The ratio of good laughs to misfires is the same as in the first film—about one to six—but director Jay Roach and writers Michael McCullers and Myers space them out more evenly this time. The best moment comes early on, when Myers and Michael York turn to the camera and tell us not to take it all too seriously; the worst moments belong to a repulsive character named (appropriately) Fat Bastard, also played by Myers.