Assasination Tango

Rated 1.0 Writer, director and actor Robert Duvall has attempted to translate his passion for and fascination with dance, his real-life girlfriend Luciana Pedraza and mob hit men onto film. The result is a watery, monotonous pet project that nearly induces sleep as it trips over and shoots itself in its own celluloid feet. A pony-tailed Duvall plays ace Brooklyn contract killer John J. Anderson, who reluctantly takes the job of murdering a retired general in Argentina. The hit is delayed, and John J. becomes infatuated with a dancer as well as the country’s national dance. The power, beauty and rapture of the sensuous Argentine dance don’t ripen to fruition; nor does the accompanying character study of a killer who is consummately devoted to and spiritually inspired by the young daughter of his American girlfriend.