Arthur Newman

Rated 2.0

A Florida man (Colin Firth) fakes his suicide and hits the road with a new identity to start a new life. He teams up with a woman who's also fleeing from her past (Emily Blunt), and they embark on a spree of breaking into people's homes, dressing in their clothes and having sex in their beds. Becky Johnston's script tries for a kind of Harold and Maude vibe, but director Dante Ariola can't quite summon the iconoclastic style such an approach would require, and the movie just kind of lies there in a drab, schlubby puddle. The stars do what they can with their roles—which, under the right circumstances, can be considerable—but the material defeats them. Anne Heche, as Firth's abandoned girlfriend, and Lucas Hedges, as the son who hates him, contribute nice cameos that feel like side trips to a different movie.