Art of science

“Cluster” by Allan deSouza, C-print, 2009.

“Cluster” by Allan deSouza, C-print, 2009.

Axis Gallery

1517 19th St.
Sacramento, CA 95814

(916) 443-9900

Kóan Jeff Baysa is a bit of a Renaissance man: He’s an M.D., fragrance researcher, writer, art critic and was born and raised in Hawaii. OK, he didn’t really have a choice on where he was born, but as the guest curator of Axis Gallery’s December exhibition, he did have a choice on who would be included in Seeing as Believing: Phosphene Visions. And with Baysa’s interests and background, it should be of no surprise that science-influenced art—specifically vision, as the title implies—is the theme of this group show. Artists include Amos Beaida, Jim Campbell, Emilio Chapela, Allan deSouza, Joy Garnett, Adrienne Klein, Elliott Linwood, Warren Neidich, Hermes Payrhuber, Taras Polataiko, Aaron Ross, Anna Geyer, Anne Senstad, Kumar Kanti Sen, Anne Stoddard and Steed Taylor. Baysa also will present a lecture, “Come to Your Senses: Sensory Curating,” at Sacramento State University’s Kadema Hall 145 on Wednesday, December 9, from 3 to 4 p.m.