Are We Done Yet?

Rated 1.0

In this sequel to 2005’s Are We There Yet?, Ice Cube and Nia Long have gotten married, and they move with her kids (Aleisha Allen and Philip Bolden, as bland and amateurish as before) to a house in the country, where repairs and remodeling, plus a wacky local jack-of-all-trades (John C. McGinley), drives them all crazy. Ice Cube’s likeability is submerged into Hank Nelkin’s raucous, bird-brained script, and he’s forced to play a character who’s dumb and unsympathetic, with “hilarious” pratfalls. Surprisingly, Nelkin’s script is ostensibly based on the old Cary Grant classic Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, but you’d never guess it. Maybe Nelkin and director Steve Carr should have screened the original a few more times. Better yet, maybe you should screen it yourself instead of seeing this one.