Another Gay Movie

Rated 3.0

Continuing for another week at the Crest, this silly, self-delighted sex comedy proceeds from the dimly subversive idea that randy young gay men deserve their own Porky’s or American Pie. It’s sort of a Pyrrhic victory, but whatever. What writer-director Todd Stephens lacks in skill or taste he makes up for with a brisk revelry in his own low standards. Four buddies—flamer, geek, jock and good guy—make a gently competitive pact to get laid before they go to college. Their quest bears out the wise counsel of a bull-dyke pal: “Sex can be messy, kids!” With no shortage of props, hot bodies or gross and noisy enema jokes, plus an accidentally incestuous glory-hole scene and a full-frontal Richard Hatch cameo, Another Gay Movie doesn’t pull any punches, however limp-wristed they are. Generally, its heart is in the right place, its mind is in the gutter, and its hand is down its pants.