Annie Lennox


Annie Lennox’s new album, Bare, is an appropriate title—for the stark cover photo on the outside and for the raw emotions expressed within. Her first solo album of original songs since 1992’s Diva reflects the bitter end of her marriage. Love doesn’t show up in “Pavement Cracks,” a power-pop song of regret and sorrow. Another gem, “The Hurting Time,” is an old-style torch song in the style of Sade; Lennox’s vocals fly. “Bitter Pill” is a raging, rocking, get-the-hell-out-of-my-life tune. The closer is the sad “Oh God (Prayer),” a plea for God to listen that sounds like crying. The end of Lennox’s marriage may have been painful, but the emotional catharsis of Bare should help her through the darkness. Maybe it can help you, too.