Angel Eyes

Rated 4.0 A Chicago cop (Jennifer Lopez), lonely and estranged from her family, meets a mysterious stranger (Jim Caviezel) who saves her life—but seems to be harboring some secret hurt of his own. Without giving anything away, it’s only fair to say that the movie is not exactly what the preview trailers would lead you to expect. Instead, it’s a romantic thriller, a sensitive character study and an exploration of the ways people can help heal one another, often without even knowing it. Lopez and Caviezel do fine work, energized by the perceptive, intelligent script of Gerald Di Pego and Luis Mandoki’s sympathetic, sure-footed direction. In fact, Di Pego and Mandoki make this one a vast improvement over their last film together, the soggy, false-hearted Message in a Bottle (that’s a hint, by the way … ).