An unexpected pairing

Illustration by SERENE LUSANO

For years, food trucks have smartly parked outside of breweries, ready to serve the buzzed and hungry. But what about wineries? On Saturday, June 25, the Old Sugar Mill (35265 Willow Avenue in Clarksburg) will link up with SactoMoFo for Grapes & Grub, an annual minifestival celebrating food and wine. There will be a special pairing and educational session for an extra fee, or you can develop your own menu. Participating wineries include Clarksburg Wine Co., Due Vigne Wines, Elevation Ten and Three Wine Co. Food options include longtime local favorites Cecil’s Taste, the Culinerdy Cruzer and Drewski’s serving fun American bites, along with newcomer Kado’s Asian Grill. Does barbera or sangiovese taste best with teriyaki beef? Is chenin blanc too delicate for fried chicken? Find out any time from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn more at