An open-mic without an audience

Thursday-Sunday, March 19-22, 8pm,, no cover



Thursday-Sunday, 3/19-22

Cleanse yourself of coronavirus concerns with comedy cast live online, 8pm, no cover

You’ve taken social distancing seriously. You’ve already seen every season of The Office 32 times and at this point it’s just providing background noise. What you really want to do is to see a live comedy show. Well you’re in luck! Jesse Jones and John Morris of Stab! Comedy Theater are bringing you live comedy through the internet. Their entire weekend lineup, including their Thursday and Sunday open-mic—re-dubbed the Social Distancing Open-Mic—and the latest installment of Willie Listen will be live streamed on their website. So before you hit play on your 33rd viewing of The Office, check out their weekend lineup and laugh your socially distant woes away. 1710 Broadway,