All right midnight!

Admit it. You were there. Sometime during the summer, you braved one of the Trash Film Orgy midnight movies at the Crest Theatre. You ate junk food way past your bedtime. You kicked off your shoes and put your feet in the lap of your neighbor. You yelled insults and jokes toward the screen at maximum volume. You stayed up far too late to be productive the following day. You were totally irresponsible, and you loved it.

In the weeks since the end of the Trash Film Orgy, things have faded back to normal. Now, you watch Saturday Night Live and eke out a few chuckles at the monologue before falling asleep during the first commercial break. You wake up with plenty of time to go to Home Depot for that tube of grout and those towel hooks. You’re feeling well-rested and getting things done. Life is just fine.

When will this madness end? Who will save you from such wholesome mediocrity? Who will invite your inner freak out to play at another late-night cinema soiree? Only Mr. Lobo, the longtime host of cable TV’s Cinema Insomnia. This Saturday at midnight, Mr. Lobo brings you Mr. Lobo’s Japanese Sci-Fi Supershow. It’s a 16-mm mélange of Godzilla movie trailers, Speed Racer cartoons, Ultraman shorts, toy commercials and other celluloid gems from the island nation of cartoon kitsch. Prizes will be distributed. Bizarre stage shows will unfold. High jinks will be filmed for airing on Cinema Insomnia. And, most importantly, you’ll be awake far past any notion of responsibility.

Find it at the Crest Theatre, located at 1013 K Street. Admission is $8.50. Call (916) 44-CREST, or visit for more information.