All About The Benjamins

Rated 1.0 A Miami bounty hunter (Ice Cube) and a small-time con man (Mike Epps) become embroiled in a hunt for $20 million worth of stolen diamonds while trying to retrieve the con man’s missing $60 million lottery ticket. Ice Cube (who co-wrote the script with Ronald Lang) makes a good straight man for the obnoxious, motor-mouthed Epps, but he and Lang neglect to give the team any material to work with. The movie is a mess. The story is simultaneously thin and cluttered (why must they chase diamonds and a lottery ticket?) and the dialogue sounds desperately improvised. Director Kevin Bray is completely at sea; with nothing but a Savage Garden music video on his resumé, he has no clue about making a movie—he doesn’t seem to understand the idea of building a scene or even of matching one shot to another.