Alien Vs. Predator

Rated 1.0 To refresh our collective memory, the alien species oozes goo and erupts from people’s chests, and the sometimes-invisible predator creature is a spear-chucking, dreadlocked assassin. An ancient pyramid 2,000 feet under the ice in Antarctica is actually an ever-shifting maze in which predators now stalk and kill aliens to prove their warrior skills. A human billionaire with respiratory problems (Lance Henriksen, coughing in the face of death) finances an expedition to explore the site. His all-star team of a guide (Sanaa Lathan), scientists, archaeologists and bodyguards wanders into the midst of a battle that spells destruction for the human race if aliens ever reach Earth’s surface. This unintentionally funny mesh of the two franchises is really more of a live-action video game than a film adventure. This is not a good thing.