Airman loses gig, but not Web site

California National Guard Senior Airman Travis Gruber (See “Travis Gruber’s day off,” SN&R News, September 20) has been removed from his post as driver and enlisted assistant for Maj. Gen. William Wade, the Guard’s top-ranking officer in California. Gruber’s removal came after the Contra Costa Times ran a scathing story about the airman’s anonymous, satirical Web site, The site lampoons celebrities and politicians, including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and first lady Maria Shriver.

“Honestly, once the investigation started, I figured that would happen, at the bare minimum,” Gruber said. “I knew I was going to lose the cool driving and administrative position.”

Gruber’s removal from the post was not an official disciplinary action, said Lt. Col. John Siepmann, spokesman for the Guard. However, the airman does face minor administrative action for allegedly misusing government computers, a decision he has appealed. Siepmann said that because of Gruber’s status as a “state active duty” member of the Guard, it’s highly unlikely that he could be transferred to, say, Iraq.

“Certainly not as a result of this action,” Siepmann said. “Based on what I know, he will be offered a position in the Sacramento area.”