Ain’t nothin’ but a greenster party

My friends are extremely liberal, environmental crusaders. I want to impress them by throwing a “sustainable” party. Any tips?

First, you need a theme: “Sustainable Singles Night,” “Frat Boys for Fair Trade” or maybe “The Eco-Pimp and Ho Ball.” Once you know the vibe of this party, you can design memorable invitations. But remember that paper invites kill trees. Send out an electronic invitation, like Evite ( and ask your guests to leave sustainable party tips and ideas in the comment space when they R.S.V.P.

Next, invest in a good lighting concept. Just replacing your bulbs with CFLs is an automatic sex-appeal booster, even if the lights are burning bright and crass. But to truly set a mood of sustainable seduction, burn Aroma Naturals’ soy and veggie-wax candles ($14.59 at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op on 1900 Alhambra Boulevard). The nutmeg and ylang ylang blend for passion will add literal spice to any singles night.

Refresh your guests with organic beer from Eel River Brewing Company—an SN&R favorite—or get creative with an eco-chic cocktail party: Add organic green tea to make “long-winded iced tea” or substitute sweetened lime juice for traditional cranberry in your “cause-mopolitan.”

Then treat your guests to organic desserts from Capital Cupcakes ( or the Real Pie Company (

And, of course, you’ll need entertainment. You could play pin the tall-tale on the Bush Administration, spin the recycled bottle or make use of your natural surroundings with a game of sardines—just beware of that natural deodorant. If all else fails, have a dance party to music by artists who double as environmental crusaders. Just don’t sentence your guests to a long night of U2 ballads punctuated by the wallowing wails of Melissa Etheridge. A little variety goes a long way.