Agent Cody Banks: Destination London

Rated 1.0 The teenage spy (Frankie Muniz) jets off to London, where he is joined by an inept colleague (Anthony Anderson) in pursuit of a rogue agent with mind-control software. Despite—or perhaps because of—a mind-boggling array of nine assistant directors and 14 producers (including, amazingly, Madonna and Jason Alexander), this sequel is shoddy beyond belief, with an atrocious script (blame Don Rhymer, Dylan Sellers and Harald Zwart), nonexistent direction (Kevin Allen) and sloppy cinematography (Denis Crossan, who seems never to have looked through the camera). The once-mighty MGM has fallen on hard times lately, but it just may be that the vaunted roaring-lion logo has never appeared on a worse-made movie. The original Agent Cody Banks was limp and half-hearted but a masterpiece compared to this horror.