Adam Varona

Coffee & Nirvana

On some level, being a solo singer-songwriter can be easier than being in a full band. After all, the singer-songwriter can set up a microphone or two, hit a couple of buttons on his or her computer and start recording a CD. One of the pleasures of Adam Varona’s new release is that it is decidedly not this kind of record. Instead, Varona has chosen to set up a full band (including Dave Middleton and Julie Meyers, also known as SquishTheBadMan) and clearly has taken the time to make sure the recording and production of that band is top-notch. Middleton’s production here is crystal-clear, a perfect setting for Varona’s heavily romantic songs about love affairs and breakups. Sometimes, it’s a bit over the top, but in the end, it all seems to come together quite nicely.